Welcoming Roux

As I sit down to reflect on Roux’s birth story, I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and joy as I think about the calling that has been placed on my life to mother my two littles. Although it has only been a little over a month since our sweet baby’s arrival, we can’t even begin to imagine our lives without her.

On the morning of March 10, we walked into the hospital to be induced. For months, we had talked about this day but I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought that we would finally be meeting her! After checking in and getting settled into our room, we met our nurse Katie and I was feeling pretty excited that we had scored in the “best nurse” department. 😉 At around 8:30AM she started me on Pitocin and within a half hour, I began having consistent contractions. She let us know that our doctor would be coming by the hospital in the next couple of hours to check on me and would likely be breaking my water. James and I relaxed and watched some TV while our sweet baby was having hiccup parties in the womb. Although I wasn’t experiencing pain with my contractions, I started feeling nervous about the timing of my epidural (I unfortunately waited a little too long while in labor with Grey) and my instinct told me that I needed to get it before having my water broke. After receiving my epidural, my doctor came in to check on me (I was dilated to 3cm) and also broke my water. I thought it would be a good time to take a nap while we waited for my body to progress. About an hour into my sleep I woke because I was feeling a bit uncomfortable so my nurse decided to check me. I was hoping that at this point I would be dilated to a 4, maybe a 5 and I heard the words that every mama who is in labor is dying to hear: “You are a 10.”


My doctor had just checked me a little over an hour ago and I was dilated to a 3. I was in so much shock and I started to cry as it finally hit me that she was coming! Our doctor arrived quickly and after having me push once, she asked if I wanted to feel her head. This was not something that I was able to experience with Grey but I wish I had because it was probably one of the sweetest moments during my labor with Roux. She asked me to push again with my next contraction and before I could push, I heard the words “… or just have a baby.” Our little Roux James was here! And she came fast! They laid her on my chest and I took one look at her sweet face and instantly fell in love. Words cannot even begin to express the amount of joy that I felt in that very moment. This tiny 6 pound 12 oz baby that I had carried and nourished for 40 weeks was finally here. Every little feature on her face was so perfect and beautiful. We had James’ mom bring Grey to the hospital to meet his sister. Seeing my two babies together for the first time is something that I will never forget. Grey held her and giggled as he talked about all of her small features.

It’s been just over a month since we brought her home and we are more in love with her today then we were when we first met her. I am so proud of how well Grey has adjusted and how sweet and gentle he is with his sister. James has been unbelievably helpful with not only managing both littles but also helping around the house. Seeing him love and care for our children has made me love and appreciate him in a whole new way. Being a family of 4 just feels so right and I am grateful for my new ‘normal.’



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