DIY Mickey Mouse Christmas Sweater

Oh boy! It’s Christmas in July, which means we’re halfway to the most magical time of year! And since Disneyland is one of our favorite (and most magical) holiday destinations, what better way to celebrate than with a simple and fun DIY Mickey Mouse Christmas sweater that your Disney fans will be begging to wear all year long. This adorable DIY sweater is perfect for beginners, will strengthen those fine motor skills, and is guaranteed to be a holiday season favorite.

Let’s get crafting!


diy mickey mouse christmas sweater

Step 1: Download the free Mickey Mouse Template and cut out the size desired.

mickey mouse template

Step 2: Place template on stiffened felt (I used double sided tape to secure it) and cut out Mickey Mouse design.

DIY Disney Christmas Sweater

Step 3: Use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to glue pom poms on Mickey Mouse template (make sure they are glued closely together).

mickey mouse diy sweater

Ta-da! How fun is this?

DIY Mickey pom sweater

Step 4: Go crazy with the pom poms and trim! The more, the merrier!

diy christmas sweater mickeymickey mouse christmas sweatermickey pom pom christmas sweater

Hope you loved our DIY Mickey Mouse Christmas Sweater. If you’re looking for more ways to get into the holiday spirit, you’ll enjoy our delicious Brown Sugar Pound Cake recipe.

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