Easter Egg Crafting with Happy Egg Co.

This post is sponsored by Happy Egg Co, and all opinions are my own.

We’ve been making our way through Grey & Roux’s spring bucket list and with Easter approaching and spring being our favorite season for crafting, we’ve got some fun ideas up our sleeves! First up: Decorating animal Easter eggs. The kids and I first spotted this idea online from a few craft experts and thought it would be fun to create our own! So last weekend we gathered some basic supplies from the craft store (I bet most of you already have the supplies needed) and boiled up some Happy Egg Co eggs to make these darling farm friends!

The St Clair littles are known for their love for eggs and Happy Egg Co never disappoints. One of the main reasons I was drawn to their company was because unlike other free range hens who spend very limited time outdoors, Happy Egg Co hens are always raised with love. They spend their days exploring, playing, climbing, perching, dust bathe-ing, pecking, sun soaking, and socializing on 8 acres of green pasture on one of their 30 farms throughout Missouri and Arkansas!

Here are some other reasons they’re a favorite around here:
  1. They’re high in protein and contain vitamins B2, D, B6, B12, zinc, iron, and copper (love that my kids are getting all those nutrients!)
  2. Their yolk color is gorgeous! Did you know that a darker orange egg yolk = healthy pasture-raised hen?
  3. You can taste the difference! They are rich in flavor and taste yummier than traditional eggs.
  4. They’re available at all our favorite retailers. Find out if they’re in a store near you by checking out their store locator here.
  5. They’re perfect for Easter/spring crafting! I love knowing that my kids are crafting with eggs that come from only the Free-est of the Free Range™ and happiest hens!

Happy Co Eggs make an EGG-ceptional morning, mid-day, on-the-go, or midnight snack! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy them:

  1. Fried on avocado toast.
  2. Over easy on a grilled cheeseburger.
  3. Hard boiled (Grey loves them in his school lunches!)
  4. Omlette’s (best way to sneak in those veggies!)
  5. Scrambled with ham and cheese.

Now let’s get crafting …

Here are the basic supplies needed:

  1. 1 dozen Happy Egg Co Free-est of the Free Range™ eggs
  2. Craft foam
  3. Pom Poms
  4. Feathers
  5. Construction Paper
  6. Craft pipe cleaners
  7. Scissors
  8. Tacky Glue & hot glue fun
  9. Fine tip permanent marker
  10. Cute kids who are ready to get their craft on!

Always make sure to supervise your littles when using scissors and hot glue.

Look at that cute piggy snout! My husband used a fine tip marker for adding small detail to their faces but if you’re like me and don’t trust your drawing/circle skills, you can always use a hole puncher to make nostrils, eyes, etc.

Can you guess what we’re making next?

A sheep!

Of course we had to let our Birdie girl get in on the crafting action but she was much more interested in eating her eggs!

Which animal is your favorite? Happy crafting, friends!

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