This is a paid promotion by Fisher-Price, and all opinions are my own. Thank you, Fisher-Price, for sending me these characters.

Who’s excited for the re-launch of the Rescue Heroes™  toy line? We are! Rescue Heroes figures are unique in that they honor real life heroes, who are as super-powered as humans can be — using teamwork, values, gear, and expertise to combat disasters.

Grey & Roux have been playing with these interactive toys since we got our hands on them a few weeks ago and it has been so special watching them use their imaginations to take on real life emergencies together.

Rescue Heroes characters are relatable and inspire children to make a lasting impact in the world around them — now and as they grow! The characters are all positive role models that represent diversity in genres, genders, nationalities, professions and personalities. Each one comes with the knowledge, skills, and tools to help them handle situations better than anybody else could!

And did I mention their backpacks are interchangeable? So fun! 

Let’s take a closer look at the Rescue Heroes Team:
  • Billy Blazes is an American who is the wise and experienced team leader and firefighter. He is brave and courageous and guides the team to victory on every mission, while always looking out for their safety. Along with fighting fires he is a water cannon specialist, and ax specialist. His mentorship style is sometimes stern, but he is dedicated to his team and vigilantly makes sure no one ever gets left behind. He also has a super neat transforming fire truck.
  • Sandy O’Shin is an Irish Marine Biologist Expert and cadet. She loves the ocean and knows every fact about the water and the wonderful creatures in it conceivable! An expert diver and swimmer, she is devoted to ocean rescue and clean-up. Her can-do attitude and determination make her an excellent member of the Rescue Heroes® team. You can find her “Shreddin’ the seas like a breeze™” with her awesome propelled diving gear with rescue clamp, and flippers.
  • Reed Vitals is a cadet from South Korea and a medic that can perform everything from first-aid to surgery! He comes equipped with a hydraulic rescue tool opens and closes, vital signs monitor, and arm cast accessories.
  • Carlos Kitbash is a cadet from Cuba with master builder expertise, inventions, and a gift for reusing materials. This inventive mechanic is ready when disaster strikes with a super cool power welder, removable helmet and creative solutions to solve any problem. You can even press the red button to launch the welder “spark” and see it spin!
  • Forrest Fuego is a Hotshot Firefighter (Wildfires) born and raised in Colombia. He takes risks and is fearless in the face of danger. His chopping axe accessory is super cool and you can press the button and get to work saving the day! He can also be purchased in a set with his Fire Tracker™ vehicle and be sure to press the seat for a cool bouncing motion.
  • Rocky Canyon is an expert Mountain Ranger. He was the youngest of the veterans before the cadets joined the team. He helps Billy mentor the cadets and is an extreme athlete and mountain climber, always high-energy and enthusiastic. A brave American hero, he is a great role model for your little one. They will also love his removable climbing helmet and climbing axe accessory.
  • Sky Justice does Police Recon and Rescue and is from Nigeria, where she trained and rose to prominence on her own. She is like a big sister to her peers and always looking out for them, and pulling innocent pranks. She is all about clean air and transportation as well as social responsibility. She flies into action with her Hover Pack, you can press the button to spin the propellers, then rotate the fans to take to the skies! She also comes with a removable helmet, launcher & shield projectile.

The Transforming Fire Truck

This rad team vehicle is ready for action and stands over 2 feet tall, with the coolest features! It will be available at Walmart beginning in August.
  • Realistic lights and sounds
  • Water disk launcher
  • Transforms into high-altitude response mechanism

I love that Rescue Heroes characters help encourage children to overcome their fears, while empowering them to take control of out-of-control situations. You’ll watch your child grow in confidence and self-awareness while playing with these characters!

And get ready because your little one’s imagination is going to come to life in such a tangible way! It’s so fun watching my sweet girl play with baby dolls and princesses but there is also something so special about watching her take on the world in her tutu and fireman costume!

Rescue Heroes toys have also sparked conversations in our home about how we can work together to help and serve others. One of the ways that we’ve been able to do this is by putting together care kits for those who are in need. There is no greater joy as a parent than watching your children develop compassion and empathy for others and I am so encouraged by their heart for others and their initiative to take action.

Here’s to teaching our children teamwork, strength, respect, and serving others in very practical and actionable ways! Thank you, Fisher-Price for creating these Rescue Heroes toys!

Rescue Heroes are available for purchase online and in store at Walmart.

And if you’ve got a Rescue Heroes fan at home, Fisher Price is hosting a fun event at Walmart stores across the nation, where families will have the opportunity to have an up close and interactive experience with fire trucks and police cars! Check your local Walmart store for details!


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